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Mega Phase Technology

Mega Phase Technology, located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City, is a well-known industrial Machine Vision Manufacturer in the industry. The company has advanced technology development and management experience. Since its establishment, the company has made remarkable achievements in technology research and development, and has a number of invention, utility model and software copyright patents. 

"Innovation Creates Value". Mega Phase Technology is committed to promoting the overall upgrading of the industry and creating a world-class industrial Machine Vision brand through advanced technology and outstanding Machine Vision products.

Sizector®3D Camera

Mega Phase Technology owns its own intellectual property rights. The products are divided into 5 series with 16 models, covering 11 FOVs from 20 mm to 800 mm. Customers are widely active in consumer electronics manufacturing, automotive, new energy, precision manufacturing and major research institutes and universities. H40 won the special prize of "2018 CMVU Innovative Product Award"; S162060 won the "2021  Best Product Award( Machine Vision category)" of "Control Engineering China" and  "Innovator Awards 2021" Silver Award of "Vision System Design China" .

Hybrid Data Camera

The Hybrid Data Camera is independently developed by Mega Phase Technology, which breaks through the bottleneck of the traditional defect detection system in the imaging end, has the advantages of excellent performance, highly integrated, flexible and efficient, and more convenient hardware deployment, providing AI with more data, higher information density and more effective. It is suitable for most of the difficult defects detection needs, and can be widely used in 3C, lithium batteries, semiconductors, automotive manufacturing, PCB/PCBA, glass, photovoltaic, food processing, precision manufacturing and other industries. The Hybrid Data Camera has been launched in nine models, covering three resolutions of 8.1 m, 16.2 m and 20 m pixels.  In 2023, Hybrid Data Camera won the Innovators Awards Gold Award and the China Achievement Award of "Vision System Design China" .

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We Share Vision

To be the innovator, pioneer and leader of 3D vision industry

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Innovation Creates Value

What We Value

Integrity, Tenacious, Proactive and Innovative

正直 坚韧 进取 创新
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