R series is designed for Bin-pick Applications:

Highly Integrated

Based on hardware computing technology, 3D reconstruction does  not ocuppy users' computing resources

Proprietary image enhancement algorithm

Proprietary image enhancement algorithm: R series adopts image enhancement algorithm, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of ambient light, makes the imaging more complete and more suitable for bin pick applications

Outstanding 3D Reconsteuction

R series has good imaging effect on most objects with surface materials, and mixed surfaces composed of multiple materials can also be easily photographed

Easy to Use

Convenient and easy to use: provide supporting SDK to fully match different project development cycle


Maximum Frame Rate(FPS

Imagers (Mega Pixels)

Clearance Distance (mm)

Standard F0V (mm)

Measurement Range Z (mm)

Repeatability Z(1σ)(um*1*2








*1 Value abtained using Mega Phase's specified standard guage and measurement mode.

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